Pandora: Our Big Data Mining Project Will Be Just Like Trying To Play The Music You Like

Screenshot 2014-01-04 21.50.46

In the NYT, a piece about the advantages to someone, perhaps not you, of a company knowing lots – more – about you. And you have helped them know lots about you.

After years of customizing playlists to individual listeners by analyzing components of the songs they like, then playing them tracks with similar traits, the company has started data-mining users’ musical tastes for clues about the kinds of ads most likely to engage them.

“It’s becoming quite apparent to us that the world of playing the perfect music to people and the world of playing perfect advertising to them are strikingly similar,” says Eric Bieschke, Pandora’s chief scientist.

If you use Pandora, are you ready for the more targeted ads? Do you care? Is privacy an historical artifact, something that we’ve lost forever?

Full article here.


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