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Media and Tech – WIR, 05-16-15

From around the web, various items of note about media and technology.

How one established telecomm company sees itself as a catalyst of change:

“We’re not going to allow change to happen to us,” Mr. Canal said. “We’re going to be a part of that change.”

This could work out. Or not.


Another telecomm company is joining forces with a hip media company to offer content via mobile platforms.

The “mobile media mashup” continues. I think there’s a pipeline problem, a lack of defining what each player is going to do in the world of media content and digital delivery services. I understand why Netflix is developing new content, and why Hulu wants to expand it’s proprietary offerings. What I am unclear about is why the delivery companies want to get into the content creation business. Shouldn’t Verizon and AT&T and Comcast be working on how to roll back (supposed) Net Neutrality and get maximum dollars from the content providers? If I was running Comcast, for instance, with the massive infrastructure expenses it has incurred to put the web pipeline into place, I’d be thinking of tariffs on high bandwidth content suppliers, not competing with Netflix.

Related, but in a different way: Netflix goes to China.

The thing so many forget when evaluating media and tech opportunities and expansion is that the USA is a fairly mature market (as is much of Europe and some of Asia). China, however, has a huge population and increasing economic prosperity – it offers HUGE potential in terms of customers and revenues.

Walmart goes Amazon (Prime).



Will it be enough to compete? Does a shipping service make you more likely to shop Walmart? Why would you switch from Amazon?

For me, not really (see prior post about why I don’t have Amazon Prime).

And they are problematically prolific. Hackers…here, there and in the air. They…

…access your bank account when you buy your coffee

…and get into the computers at Penn State, apparently going after intellectual property (one has to wonder why that, and not financial info and identities)…

…and access airplane engines (BTW tweeting about such activity could result in apprehension)…

When, not if, is what to think about regarding hackers and your info. Or your well-being. It is a risk of the digital world we live in.