Radio’s Talent Farm

When we nurture these young people, no matter how green they are, we are nurturing the future of our industry. If they don’t learn from you, who are they going to learn from?

After being in media for over thirty years, I’m amazed at the longevity of a lot of folks. My friend Dan Vallie is one of those guys that just doesn’t quit. He’s had a pretty significant impact on the radio industry and keeps coming up with ideas!

Here’s one way Dan is making sure there’s a good “talent farm” for developing new on-air personalities, programmers and sales managers is to conduct intensives for students, taught by experts. It’s a visionary idea Dan’s worked hard at it for several years, and it’s portable.

ANY business can benefit from Dan’s long-term thinking and his thoughtful approach to making sure radio stays interesting and relevant.

Read the interview (part one) with Dan here.

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